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The Story of Cupcake Meet:


"Bringing car enthusiasts together™" for cars, community and charity.


The concept of Cupcake Meet™ began in January 2009 at Zilker Park, in Austin, Texas. The idea was part of a conversation amongst a few friends as a way to raise awareness of the car-show community, vehicular culture, mechanical aesthetics and engineering. However, as the movement grew in popularity, the orginators of Cupcake Meet began to formalize and integrate their plans with their communitarian visions.  

By 2010, Cupcake Meet incorporated and received its non-profit status. This proved to be an effective way to empower fellow car enthusiasts to make a positive impact within their community and also an incentive for others to donate to support its causes.Through donations raised at the gates of the events and from the community, Cupcake Meet has provided thousands of dollars to various charities throughout Texas and the U.S. 

By reaching out to other organizations throughout the U.S. by sending Cupcake Meet directors to other car meets and via its organization's social media platforms, Cupcake Meet has been able to network with numerous companies and car enthusiasts and significantly expanded its influence and giving beyond the confines of the Texas border.

Included in Cupcake Meet's Vision is the goal of organizing, on an annual basis, a coordinated series of car meets across mutilple U.S. cities, from which a single pooled donation will be given to support a different major charity each year.

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