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Todd T. Bear® Q&A...We're glad you asked!


If all teddy bears were Todd T. Bears® what a great place this would be, because Todd T. Bear makes the world a better place for you and ME! - Todd T. Bear will earmark 10% of its net profits to support causes, individuals, organizations, and companies that increase Peace on Earth, Faith in Oneself, Hope for Tomorrow, The Love of Life, and Happiness over Grumpiness.                


Below is a brief Q&A that further explains why your Todd T. Bear® is so unique and special. 


Q) All bears are not equal!?

A) Even though all men, woman, boys and girls are created equal, all bears are not. As one can clearly see Todd T. Bears® are different than plain old teddy bears. In addition, a Todd T. Bear is a bear with a purpose™; the embodiment of “A Better Tomorrow.”   


Q) Todd T. Bear is not a teddy bear?

A) Yes, a Todd T. Bear is a Todd T. Bear® and a teddy bear is…just a generic plush toy. So I guess you could say that Todd T. Bear is not just another bear in the forest. Make sure your bear is a 100% GENUINE Todd T. Bear or …it’s just another GENERIC teddy bear™.    


Q) Todd T. Bear is everywhere?

A) The spirit of Todd T. Bear is in the hearts and souls of the Millions Everywhere who choose to make a difference!


Q) What is a Peace on Earth Goodwill Ambassador? How can I be one?

A) “Peace on Earth Goodwill Ambassadors™” are typically Todd T. Bears and people like you and ME (ME as in "me, myself, and I" AND also ME = Millions Everywhere) who work together to help increase the world’s supply of Peace, Faith, Hope, Love, and Happiness…A team that is committed to making the world a better place. Interested in becoming a Peace on Earth Goodwill Ambassador?  All you need to do is to take some pictures with your Todd T. Bear on your next adventure and share your experience with others when you return home. Through sharing your pictures and stories of the different places and cultures you've experienced you will provide others with a better understanding of the world around them and hence, helped to increase Peace on Earth.


Q) Todd T. Bear, the "Cadillac"* of bears?

A) I’m sure Todd T. Bear will appreciate the flattery...  However, whether one describes Todd T. Bear as the “Cadillac”, “Mercedes”, “Lexus”, “BMW”, “Porsche”, etc. of bears I think the message that people are trying to convey is that when they give a Todd T. Bear, they are giving the very best; hence, the belief “TODDY T…because I’m special and someone loves ME!™” 


Q) Why are people so in love with their Todd T. Bear?

A) Over the years, many people have told us "TODDY T. is a reflection of ME! I LOVE him!" Basically, if you love your yourself, then it’s only natural you will love your Todd T. Bear. 


Q) Can Todd T. Bear be my BFF?

A) Absolutely!  As you know BFF friendships are developed over time by doing things together and by being a true friend to each other. Todd T. Bear is a friend who will comfort you day and night; a friend that will help you keep the faith; a friend that will provide you with hope for tomorrow; a friend that will increase your love of life; a friend that will make you smile when you want to cry; a friend that will watch over you and keep you protected. ...Simply a BFF who will provide you with Peace + Faith + Hope + Love and Happiness...


Q) I can have only one Todd T. Bear?

A) I think someone from the teddy bear coalition may have misquoted us on that one… Todd T. Bear – “The ONE and only” sounds more accurate.  As in life, you could never have too many Todd T. Bear friends.

When celebrating those special occasions, remember the ONE and only Todd T. Bear for the loved ones in your life.   


Q) Can just any bear become a Todd T. Bear?

A) No... Only a limited number of specially selected bears from throughout the world will have the opportunity to become a Todd T. Bear®. Each Todd T. Bear is hand crafted and made to our exact custom specifications, which includes adding extra scoops of Hugs and Kisses. In addition, each bear must also pass a rigorous 10 point quality control evaluation that includes testing for Huggability™, Snuggability™. Any bear that does not pass this test with a 100% GENUINE Todd T. Bear rating will not become a Todd T. Bear. And remember, if it’s not 100% GENUINE Todd T. Bear, it’s just a GENERIC teddy bear™.   


Q) Hugs and Kisses?

A) Hugs and Kisses is another special ingredient that is added to ensure Huggability™, Snuggability™.  You’ll appreciate these little extras when experiencing a great big Todd T. Bear Hug. 


Q) Huggability, Snuggability?

A)  Huggability™, Snuggability™ is derived from an age old process that’s too secret to even patent. Todd T. Bears are the only bears in the world made with Huggability™, Snuggability™. It’s one of the many things that makes your Todd T. Bear so unique, cuddly, and 100% GENUINE.


Q) Are there Todd T. Bear Angels watching over us?

A) Yes, there are Todd T. Bear Angels™ among us!    



I believe in you and ME and how together we, will accomplish great things and make the world a better place for all of humanity.                                                                


                                                                                                                                                                                                Todd T. Bear 



Todd T. Bear, TODDY T., Todd T. Bear Angel, Huggability, Snuggability, Peace on Earth Goodwill Ambassador, ME = Millions of people Everywhere, TODDY T. is a reflection of ME, A bear with a purpose, Because I'm special and someone loves ME, and GENERIC teddy bear are trademarks licensed through TODD T. LLC. *Cadillac, Mercedes, Lexus, BMW, and Porsche are registered trademarks of its respective companies.