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Cancer Response Team  CRT

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"We firmly believe that every individual should have choices and options when forced to face the crisis of a cancer diagnosis of a loved one."

The story of Cancer Response Team (CRT):

As a father, I have experienced the heartbreaking agony of losing my precious 13 year old daughter from brain cancer. When my daughter, Ashley, was first diagnosed with cancer, we were shocked, felt helpless and like most parents we trusted her doctors to cure her disease. My daughter went through the traditional chemotherapy and radiation treatments that were recommended by medical doctors and we followed the standard protocol that cancer patients are given. Naturally we were new to this and knew nothing about cancer or it’s treatments; we simply trusted our doctors.

While our daughter went through countless treatments, we found out that so many other alternative and complementary treatments are available. By the time we were able to fully educate ourselves on this topic, it was too late for our daughter since chemotherapy and radiation had already done much harm to her body and the cancer had spread. This meant that for us, a fully integrative treatment plan was not even an option anymore. As a father, I was upset, for not being made aware of other options we could have chosen for our daughter to improve her prognosis. I want to keep the promise that I made to Ashley that I would start a nonprofit organization to help children that have been diagnosed with cancer. I do not want any parent to see and experience the struggle and pain my daughter had to endure. This is why we have dedicated ourselves to start this great nonprofit organization “Cancer Response Team.”


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We firmly believe that every individual should have choices and options when forced to face the crisis of a cancer diagnosis of a loved one. Families finding themselves in this heartbreaking situation should have the opportunity to carefully consider and have access to a variety of alternative and/or complementary treatments. They should be allowed and encouraged to choose the treatment plan that best fits the family.


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CRT pledges to provide needed financial assistance to support families in whatever treatment options they wish to pursue. It’s unfortunate that many complementary treatment options are often not covered by traditional insurance policies.

In a nutshell, CRT is all about providing resources and empowering families while focusing on the child’s remission. We are 100% committed to assisting financially with treatment costs until we can one day celebrate the child’s remission and a new chance at a healthy and fulfilling life.


Proud Father of Ashley Moore,

Stefan Moore, Founder/CEO

Cancer Response Team

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Phoenix Children's Hospital


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For more information, or to support Cancer Response Team:





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