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It All Begins with ME!

Todd T. Bear Grand Adventures

Become a Peace on Earth Goodwill Ambassador™...

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The world is an amazing place! There are so many people, places, and cultures to learn about and experience. One of the most interesting things Todd T. Bear discovered on his Grand Adventures throughout the world was that although the people from the various countries may have looked different and spoke a different language, they were basically all the same; as reflected in their pursuit of Happiness and desire for a better life for their children. Isn't it a small world after all...?

Become a Peace on Earth Goodwill Ambassador by sharing your knowledge and experience of another city's and/or country’s culture and its people with folks here in the U.S.A. and abroad. Click on the red "Share your Grand Adventure!" link above or the "CLICK HERE" link below.

To upload a picture of YOU and Todd T. Bear on your Grand Adventure CLICK HERE: Please note: If you are not quite ready for your 15 minutes of fame it is O.K. to submit a picture of only your Todd T. Bear on his Grand Adventure. 

Peace on Earth: I believe...It begins with ME!!!

Todd T. Bear

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