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Todd T. Bear® Angels

Heaven sent...Todd T. Bear Angels among us.

Todd T. Bear Angels are here to give a helping hug:

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Each Todd T. Bear Angel supports a specific cause. In continuing with our commitment to increase the world's supply of peace, faith, hope, love, and happiness, 10% of the net profits from the sale of each Todd T. Bear Angel will be allocated to support an organization, individual, and/or company that is making a positive difference and advocating for the specified cause.


                                                                 Todd T. Bear

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Todd T. Bear Angel

Sweet Dreams copy brushed and lightened.

Sweet Dreams

Todd T. Bear Angel

Todd T. Bear is Everywhere: The spirit of Todd T. Bear can be found in the hearts and souls of the Millions Everywhere who choose to make a difference in the lives of others. 

Todd T. Bear

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