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It's TODDY Time™...

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TODDY Time™ is a learning moment; A time to inspire, challenge, and empower our children. 


When you read to a child it grows their imagination by opening the doors to a world without limits, where anything is possible. It is also an integral part of helping a child learn how to read. And proficiency in reading provides a child with the foundation they need to excel in school and in life. Thus, providing hope for tomorrow and increasing faith in oneself.

In the United States 60% of poverty level children don't have books at's time to change that statistic. Todd T. Bear will be teaming up with award winning illustrator, Rob Nason and literacy programs throughout the USA to bring you The Adventures of Todd T. Bear; A collection of picture books for children and parents alike.

To request information on sponsoring TODDY Time™.

Todd T. Bear is committed to its Vision of "A Better Tomorrow" - 10% of Todd T. Bears net profits will be allocated and used to promote and support causes, individuals, organizations, and/or companies that help facilitate Peace on Earth, Faith in Oneself, Hope for Tomorrow, the Love of Life, and Happiness over Grumpiness. Basically causes, individuals, organizations, and companies that are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of others. You + ME, together we, will accomplish great things and make the world a better place for all of humanity.

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