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Todd T. Bear Honey

From hive to home; Todd T. Bear RAD™ (Raw Arizona Desert) & Organic Gourmet honey. Harvested in USA. 

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Todd T. Bear® is committed to partnering with independent, family owned operations with hives located in the USA.

Our beekeepers are dedicated to providing the best organic honey nature has to offer. Come taste the difference; Todd T. Bear Gourmet Honey

Introducing RAD™ Desert Medley honey. 

Harvested in Arizona's Valley of the Sun, Todd T. Bear RAD™ (Raw Arizona Desert) Honey is raw, naturally sweet, and uniquely delicious gourmet honey. A nice treat for those who appreciate the finer things nature has to offer

Todd T. Bear RAD™ Mesquite honey will be replenished after the spring harvest.

Todd T. Bear Gourmet Honey. It's worth the wait...

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RAD™ Desert Medley Honey

Todd T. Bear


By purchasing Todd T. Bear® products you are making a difference. 10% of the net profits from the sale of each jar of Todd T. Bear Gourmet Honey will be allocated and used to promote and support organizations, individuals, and/or companies that help facilitate peace on earth, faith in oneself, hope for tomorrow, the love of life, and happiness over grumpiness. Basically causes, individuals, organizations, and companies that are committed to making this world a better place for humanity. You + ME, together we.

Todd T. Bear is Everywhere: The spirit of Todd T. Bear can be found in the hearts and souls of the Millions Everywhere who choose to make a difference in the lives of others. 

Todd T. Bear

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